Coming Soon: Reserves!!

We are working hard to build out the next category of products to include in our GearMatch™ search tool – Paragliding Reserve Parachutes! Our goal is to bring all of the major categories of Paragliding to SkyGear Hub before we start expanding into other sports.

We will start broadcasting and promoting the site more aggressively soon, and our goal is to continue to add more equipment categories and sports as fast as we can so more folks can access the benefit our new search tool offers! Our team of engineers and data scientists are steadily compiling all the information needed to create a comprehensive database of reserves for paragliding, and our engineers are working to incorporate all this new data into the site so folks can more easily research and find the right gear.

We appreciate your patience! We will be announcing this next step in the history of SkyGear Hub soon! So, please keep checking in, and thanks for being a part of our community!