The ATOS VQrace is a further development of the ATOS VQ. It also impresses with its agile flight behaviour. Due to the new full-carbon keel the wing has an excellent pitch stability and can fly in strong lifts.

Required Pilot Level

The ATOS VQrace is easy to handle. Its launch characteristics are somewhat more demanding due to the static rear load during the foot start, but all the better in flight. We recommend it to the dedicated and experienced competition pilot.


In the ATOS-VQ, the focus of development was not on “performance”, but on ease of use for the pilot. This reduced the overall weight of the wing. Both the choice of materials and further developments are responsible for this. Another asset: the ATOS-VQ is much faster to assemble and disassemble thanks to a new design in which the ribs are firmly attached to the sail.

Required Pilot Level

The ATOS VQ is surprisingly easy to handle, especially when handling the take-off, flight and landing. It is suitable for beginner pilots but equipped with the optional adjustable tail it will satisfy more demanding track pilots as well.

For several years the ATOS VQ has been successfully used in beginner training, and for many of these pilots it is the first wing to fly solo.

Motor Powered Flying

The ATOS VQ is particularly recommended for users of motor harnesses such as e Lift and Mosquito and light trikes. The surface size and the gentle stall characteristic allows a comfortable take-off and easy landing.

Glider NameVQ Race
USHPA Rating-
Nose Angle-
Flat Area (m2)14.20
Flat Span (m)13.40
Aspect Ratio-
Glider Weight (kg)40.00
Number of Battens-
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)60
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)110
Velocity Min (kph)-
Velocity Max (kph)90
Length in Bag (m)5.15

A.I.R. VQ Race

Product Attributes

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