Due to its wingspan of 14. 5m and the highest aspect ratio, the ATOS VRplus is especially suitable for pilots with a weight of 90 kg or more, who appreciate the best gliding and minimum sinking. Its standard full-carbon keel helps it to achieve exceptional flight calmness and predestines it for competition and cross-country flying.

At the “Angerer Open” in 2015 and 2017 the VR Plus proved its speed flying qualities by dominating the lighter gliders.

Required Pilot Level

Due to its weight and its higher aspect ratio, the ATOS VRplus appeals mainly to experienced pilots. Nevertheless, its flight behaviour is good-natured and it is easy to handle.

Especially heavier pilots will appreciate its slow launch and landing speed despite the higher load.

Glider NameVR Plus
USHPA Rating-
Nose Angle-
Flat Area (m2)14.90
Flat Span (m)14.50
Aspect Ratio-
Glider Weight (kg)45.00
Number of Battens-
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)100
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)130
Velocity Min (kph)-
Velocity Max (kph)90
Length in Bag (m)5.15

A.I.R. VR Plus

Product Attributes

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