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Our Combat line is offered to ambitious pilots whose aim is to win. Depending on your hang gliding experience and budget, you can either choose from the Combat GT range with aluminum leading edges or from the Combat C range if you want to have best of the best.

After looking in the table below you will be convinced that we have really wide range of high performance hang gliders of all sizes for all tastes. Our older versions of Combat GT – Combat 13.2GT and Combat 14.2GT are still in production and are competitive enough. GT means that you get all the latest and most competitive features in you glider. Three new sizes – 12.4, 12.7 and 13.5 are supposed to cover the whole range of pilot’s weights. These three new gliders are top of the art made by Aeros. The entire aluminum gliders perform not any worst than most of the top composite gliders, but difference in price is rather large, which makes them an ideal choice for either competition or recreational pilot. If you are on a budget – one of the GT gliders is for you, just pick up the right size and you will be able to successfully compete at any high level competition.


13.5, 12.4, 12.7

Minimum Weight (kg)7085100
Maximum Weight (kg)8095105
Glider Weight (kg)34.0035.0036.00
Number of Battens242424
Flat Area (m^2)12.4012.7013.50
Flat Span (m)10.0010.3510.70
Aspect Ratio8.058.408.50
Nose Angle129-131129-131129-131
Velocity Min (kph)31-3231-3230-31
Velocity Max (kph)110+110+110+
Length in Bag

Aeros Combat GT


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