Since 1993 Aeros has been producing Target, the hang glider for the beginning pilots, which undoubtedly has been ideal wing for learning, soaring and fun flying. During the years of exploitation Target has established a reputation as reliable training hang glider.

Our German dealer, designer and pilot Tomas Pellicci inspired us to create new improved wing for the beginners on the basis of time-proved Target design. It was decided to keep all the advantages of Target and upgrade it with modern features. The hang glider is named Fox.

 The Fox hang glider has got:
  1. Frame made with lighter alloy 7075;
  2. Finsterwalder streamlined A-frame;
  3. Airborne batten tips;
  4. New cross-beam tension system;
  5. APEN 6 sail cloth option.

The Fox’s frame is made with 7075 alloy tubes, which is lighter than 2024. The weight of the wing is reduced for almost 1 kg!
The A-frame is made with Finsterwalder uprights and fittings, the same as Discus A-frame.
Fox has got new sail design: in additional to general sail refinements, the rear edge is changed to comfortable Airborne batten tips. The composite X-lam cloth APEN 6 is now available as sail option for those, who is looking for a splendid view.
The cross-beam and rear upper wire is tensioned in one movement.
The Fox hang glider has been certified at DHV!

In the result we have developed modern wing for the beginners, which became lighter and easier to assemble and kept good flying characteristics of its predecessor:

  1. Easy take off;
  2. Perfect manoeuvrability in the air;
  3. Obedience and controllability at landing.

Besides the standard version of Fox there are two modifications (versions):

  • Fox B – could be derigged till the last nut to be packed into 2 m length bag.
  • Fox M – this modification has a keel tube design that allows to use this hang glider with motorized harnesses like Mosquito, Doodlebug and so on. The frame has no additional reinforcement at all, so the allowable hook-in weight fork is the same as a standard Fox has.
Glider NameFox
USHPA Rating-
Nose Angle120
Flat Area (m2)16.20
Flat Span (m)9.60
Aspect Ratio5.70
Glider Weight (kg)25.20
Number of Battens15
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)60
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)114
Velocity Min (kph)25
Velocity Max (kph)81
Length in Bag (m)5.7

Aeros Fox

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