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Friendly, easy to fly and easy to land
 A little lyrical foreword

In the former USSR this glider has initially been introduced as a “Student”. A number of first gliders had this plain name written on their keel pockets. Besides, hang gliders with the same parameters and name were manufactured in a MAI hang gliding club. A name so dear to our heart and ears did not fit in the West, and following the advice of our British distributor, there appeared the name Target. Target is not just a BUTT or an OBJECTIVE which is to be hit with any kind of weapon, this is also a MISSION, i.e. a goal in life to be pursued by everyone who has chosen a hang glider as a transport for travelling in the “fifth ocean”.

If you are a beginning pilot, you might be facing a task of choosing a hang glider for learning. Hang gliders of Target family allow to take classes beginning from the very first steps and ending in cross-country flights. Targets are beginner-friendly, forgive blunders, are absolutely not tiresome during turbulent flights and long soaring flights. Starting is as easy as you can only imagine! Smooth proportionate control pull allows to acquire proper experience for switching to more masterly sport wings. Targets are obedient and controllable at landing. This is the right choice for beginning pilots at dawn of their flight career!

Do you need ‘a school desk’ which will teach flying several dozens of disciples and will not make you go bust buying spare parts? Hang gliders of Target family have been designed taking into consideration all usual requirements of flight school instructors to training devices. They are trouble-free, easy to repair, rigid construction stands hard landing which is unavoidable in the process of training. Agreeable prices for spare parts!

Do you wish to expand a range of paragliding? Speed and manoeuvrability of a paraglider, reliability, ability to fly with high wind, when your colleagues fold their canopies – hang gliders of Target series let every skyfloater enjoy soaring. Target is very easily controlled on the run and allows to climb in thermic without any problem. It will take you not more than 10 minutes to assemble your hang glider out of a 6-meter package.

Would you like to watch a new spot from a bird’s flight height? All Target family members are the best choice for pilots preferring to fly in various, sometimes even exotic places. Hang gliders are dismounted into 2-meter packages that are easy to place into a baggage hold of any plane, bus, train, elevator cabin. It will take you not more than half an hour to prepare your hang glider for flight and start a breathtaking air travel.

 Hang gliding veterans, read this!

Isn’t it high time to stretch old bones? You started to fly 20 years ago, but either living circumstances or personal preferences prevented you from becoming a tough sportsman. But you still long for flying over a hillside, don’t you? Target hang gliders will once again let you feel cloudless joy of free flight, not risking to break your neck while landing.

 If you wish to get into the air with the help of an engine, read here:

Do you live in a flatland area or would you like to be independent of the weather’s whims? In spite of this, would you like to experience the joy of soaring? An obvious solution is to install a small and light engine on your wing, which will allow you to perform foot launch, to gain altitude easily and to land safely like on a usual hang glider. The Target 13M/16M version is specially modified for this purpose: the glider’s frame is strengthened, there is an extra keel tube in-cut not to interfere with powerplant and propeller installing.
Doodlebug and Mosquito powered harnesses owners’ reports on this wing modification are very positive.

 If you have decided to learn tandem hang gliding, read here

New Target 21 tandem hang glider launches, handles and lands quite similarly to Target 16. The glider is comfortable at all flight modes from the first steps at launch to the very landing. Despite its large size, the glider can be easily flown by a single pilot unless his weight is under 85 kg.

Flying a tandem glider requires pilot’s stable attainments, which are normally acquired gradually. That is why it is recommended to start tandem flying with a hang glider pilot as a passenger to make sure he will act adequately at launch and at landing.

Preflight instruction on the aircraft crew�s actions at launch, in the air and at landing is absolutely necessary!

It is imperative to have wheels on the control bar!



Glider NameTarget 21
USHPA Rating-
Nose Angle122
Flat Area (m2)20.50
Flat Span (m)10.80
Aspect Ratio5.70
Glider Weight (kg)34.00
Number of Battens18
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)85
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)190
Velocity Min (kph)26
Velocity Max (kph)81
Length in Bag (m)-

Aeros Target 21

Product Attributes

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