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The F2 is a refinement of the Fun which is the most successful entry level glider ever produced in Australia. We thought it was an appropriate time to upgrade now that we have sold more than 1000 Funs.

The F2 still retains all of the good features of the original Fun being the lightest in its class. Although the glider is very similar to look at the F2 has the following improvements:

The Sail has been reworked to include a new luff curve which pre loads the leading edge and enhances performance. The other significant advantage is the increase in trailing edge tension therefore eliminating flutter at normal operating speeds.

The panel layout is “rim and fill” style like the Rev which allows coloured main sail with reinforcing cloth around the higher loaded “rim” area.

A light weight nose cone has been added which improves the overall look of the glider.
The leading edge incorporates a leading edge pocket, which improves airfoil definition and allows fitment of optional mylar inserts.

Batten pockets have been modified to accept the hinge fittings giving a high performance trailing edge.

Many other minor changes have been made to the sail to achieve the final result, which is improved sink rate, reduced pitch pressure, improved glide performance whilst retaining the Fun handling.

The frame has some changes including new cross bar leading edge hardware to allow for better sail fit at the junction.

A new round down tube knuckle has been developed to allow fitment of optional speed bars such as Round, Faired and Carbon as available on the Sting 3 and Rev.

An optional faired control frame is available.

Hinged Battens are now standard on the F2. A curved tip strut has been added which is located in the sail pocket rather than a hook on the leading edge. The main advantage is the ease of installation especially in windy conditions.

The reflex bridle attachment has been moved forward, which improves pitch stability and improves ground handling.


The F2 has the following options available:
Faired Control Frame Alternative
Round Speed Bar, Faired Speed or Carbon Speed Bar
Panel Layout to have a 3rd colour option on the undersurface
Mylar leading edge inserts

* Exceptional on ground handling even in stronger conditions
* Exceptional sink rate
* Light Weight with 7075-T6 Airframe
* Quick fit hinged battens
* Virtually maintenance free 7075-T6 Battens
* Quick and easy assembly (flat or on the frame)
* Fun to fly on the coast and inland
* Easy to launch and land
* Easy to short pack

160, 190

Minimum Weight (kg)5070
Maximum Weight (kg)90120
Glider Weight (kg)19.0023.00
Number of Battens1315
Flat Area (m^2)14.9017.70
Flat Span (m)9.0710.10
Aspect Ratio5.505.80
Nose Angle118118
Velocity Min (kph)
Velocity Max (kph)8080
Length in Bag5.315.9

Airborne F2


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