All Fly’s and Rio2’s now include a VG system as standard!

Greater Range of Pilot Weights.

The Rio 2 now comes in two sizes the 15m and 17m. The Rio 2 15 is suitable for the medium to light pilot.  Medium pilots who want to use FLPA power might want to consider the larger Rio 2 17 though the 15m is certified for payloads up to 120kg.
Rigging and De-Rigging.
The Rio will of course rig flat, which is vital for windy hill flying conditions such as those found in the British Isles. However the Rio 2 is easier to rig and especially so when on the keel. Its new control frame fittings prevent the glider flopping from side to side.
New Sail Design
Of course just looking at the Rio 2 the new sail is obvious. The batten ends and elastics on the trailing edge have disappeared in favour of new clip batten ends. These robust, easy to use fittings give the longest sail life. The new under-surface shape with logo cut into the sail is striking but only the more observant will notice the new wide keel pocket to reduce drag and improve handling.
Even less obvious are the new production methods used to manufacture the Rio 2. The new sail is now cut with a laser. This of course gives great accuracy and all fabric edges ‘hot cut’ resulting in no fraying.
Variable Geometry Option.
Variable Geometry is now available on the Rio 2. This allows the pilot to adjust the wing tension in flight changing the blend of performance and handling. This can be useful in both Aerotowing and cross country flight.
Short Packing
Those of you who travel by plane, with your hang glider, will know how important it is for the baggage handlers to have packages under 12 feet in length. Amazingly both sizes of Rio 2 will short pack under 12 feet.  A standard Rio 17 short packs slightly longer than 12 feet unless a super short pack option is chosen.
Avian Ltd. are committed to the BHPA airworthiness scheme and its pitch stability and physical strength tests. Avian are also committed to continuous safety improvement throughout the glider. It is for this reason that the Rio 2 now has both ‘luff lines and washout control. These are two, well tested, means of ensuring good pitch stability at
all speeds and VG settings.

15, 17

Glider NameRio 2Rio 2
USHPA Rating--
Nose Angle--
Flat Area (m2)15.0017.00
Flat Span (m)9.8010.10
Aspect Ratio6.406.00
Glider Weight (kg)26.5030.00
Number of Battens--
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)7090
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)110130
Velocity Min (kph)2424
Velocity Max (kph)8080
Length in Bag (m)3.63.66

Avian Rio 2

Product Attributes

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