The intermediate glider for new pilots, the Airfex is much lighter than other double surface gliders (23 kg) an thus ideal for smaller pilots with a weight of between 50 and 70 kg.
Statically fully balanced and equiped with a smaller handier A-frame, the Airfex is unbeatable when it comes to ground handling. Also worth mentioning are the easy landing characteristics of this glider.
Glider NameAirfex
USHPA Rating2
Nose Angle120
Flat Area (m2)13.80
Flat Span (m)9.00
Aspect Ratio-
Glider Weight (kg)22.00
Number of Battens15
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)50
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)70
Velocity Min (kph)27
Velocity Max (kph)80
Length in Bag (m)-

Charly Airfex

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