The minimal weight and good flight characteristics of the Funfex have become almost legendary over the years. Today the Funfex is still unbeatable when it comes to experiencing a maximum of enjoyment in the air with a minimum of effort.
The reason for this is the often copied (but never achieved) design which combines a low aspect ratio with astonishing performance.
Glider NameFunfex
USHPA Rating2
Nose Angle120
Flat Area (m2)16.00
Flat Span (m)9.40
Aspect Ratio-
Glider Weight (kg)24.00
Number of Battens15
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)68
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)95
Velocity Min (kph)25
Velocity Max (kph)80
Length in Bag (m)-

Charly Funfex

Product Attributes

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