Our floater for light pilots has performance data which can otherwise only be matched by good intermediate gliders.
It’s agility makes almost effortless flying possible, yet in spite of this there is no tendency whatsoever to yaw, which means that less experienced pilots feel well in control of the Lightfex. Although on of the lightest weight gliders available, the Lightfex due to it’s high quality construction and materials can bear the brunt of the hardest of days on the practise hill.
Glider NameLightfex
USHPA Rating2
Nose Angle120
Flat Area (m2)14.00
Flat Span (m)9.00
Aspect Ratio-
Glider Weight (kg)19.50
Number of Battens15
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)45
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)75
Velocity Min (kph)24
Velocity Max (kph)80
Length in Bag (m)-

Charly Lightfex

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