The NEXT is the culmination of 34 years of experience in designing delta wings. It has been designed to bring you the maximum pleasure, performance and safety, without any compromise. The finish is exemplary. Between the intermediate wing and the performance wing, it finally fills the space in which many pilots were reluctant to position themselves.

The NEXT has been designed with all existing high-tech materials.

The NEXT features overdrive and wing tip tension adjustment rings. The centering is adjustable by moving the kingpost with several predefined positions.


L, M, S

Glider NameNextNextNext
Nose Angle---
Flat Area (m2)13.0014.0014.20
Flat Span (m)8.609.209.20
Aspect Ratio5.705.706.00
Glider Weight (kg)25.8029.5027.50
Number of Battens---
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)508065
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)78120100
Velocity Min (kph)---
Velocity Max (kph)---
Length in Bag (m)

Ellipse Next

Product Attributes

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