The Twist was developed with the aim of offering a wing that is easy to use, very pleasant to fly, capable of providing maximum pleasure.

Compared to its Jurassic ancestor, the current Twist 2 definitely looks more modern!

The trailing edge has been redesigned to be clean. The battens are integrated into the trailing edge.

The feather has been truncated in wingspan, pinched and lengthened into a string for better control of twist and flap at high speed.

The streamlined trapeze is located on the keel behind the pilot’s rig to optimize final thrust and make the wing statically neutral to the incidence of flight.

The structure is now entirely in Zircal, a guarantee of lightness.

Definitely, the twist 2 is a modern wing built for the pleasure of flying!


L, M, S

Glider NameTwistTwistTwist
Nose Angle---
Flat Area (m2)14.0015.0016.00
Flat Span (m)8.809.609.60
Aspect Ratio6.006.205.80
Glider Weight (kg)23.0024.5025.00
Number of Battens---
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)406080
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)6080110
Velocity Min (kph)---
Velocity Max (kph)---
Length in Bag (m)

Ellipse Twist

Product Attributes

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