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From when the LAMINAR first appeared in 1994, it has undergone many changes.
Today, all modifications are tested by three world champions: Manfred Ruhmer, Christian Ciech (current world champion), and Alex Ploner.
After having taken the first two positions at the 2015 World Championships, and the first two positions at the 2016 European Championships, we have concentrated on making the Laminar’s performance even more accessible, not just for competition pilots, but for those who fly for the sheer pleasure of flying.
A pilot’s performance is better when the performance of his glider is easier to control. This is what we have been working on.

New features

The 2017 Laminar has a totally new design for the wingtip area, with shorter tip wands and larger wingtips, so that wingspan and aspect ratio remain the same, also guaranteeing performance.
The wingtip modifications have changed the sail tension in the entire wingtip area, and this has improved handling, with easier turn initiation, and a reduction in the high-siding required in thermals, facilitating flying and making the pilot experience even more pleasurable.
The new features introduced in 2017 are completed by the introduction of Technora for the double surface.
We adopted this arrangement in order to make the glider easier to fly in whatever situation.
The Technora ODL04 used for the lower surface is lighter than that used for the upper surface, or the Dacron that is traditionally used for the lower surface, and this provides a weight reduction of about 300 grams and better control of wing twist.
For better handling and higher performance, with no compromises!


12.6, 13.1, 13.7, 14.1, 14.8

Minimum Weight (kg)55708090100
Maximum Weight (kg)758590100110
Glider Weight (kg)28.5030.5031.0032.5033.00
Number of Battens2224242626
Flat Area (m^2)12.5213.2413.8814.1614.82
Flat Span (m)9.6110.0510.0510.5410.54
Aspect Ratio7.387.637.287.857.50
Nose Angle132132132134134
Velocity Min (kph)
Velocity Max (kph)9090909090
Length in Bag4.754.984.985.25.2

Icaro 2000 Laminar


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