Designed by the world champion Manfred Ruhmer, the MastR is a direct development of the world champion hang glider Laminar, created by adding a central hole for the kingpost and reducing the number of battens in order to improve glider manoeuvrability.

In terms of performance, manoeuvrability and simplicity of flying, the MastR is an excellent kingpost hang-glider.


L, M, S

ManufacturerIcaro 2000Icaro 2000Icaro 2000
Glider NameMastRMastRMastR
USHPA Rating333
Nose Angle128131131
Flat Area (m2)12.6013.7714.88
Flat Span (m)9.4010.0610.48
Aspect Ratio7.017.357.38
Glider Weight (kg)27.0030.0032.00
Number of Battens181820
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)507085
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)7590110
Velocity Min (kph)---
Velocity Max (kph)---
Length in Bag (m)4.654.985.2

Icaro 2000 MastR

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