The new PIUMA, light in the air, big in the sky.
It’s not just lightness that makes it special.

PIUMA was designed with the objective of creating a basic hang glider with even easier and reliable behaviour, while also giving more demanding pilots an improved performance.

PIUMA offers better characteristics at medium-low speeds.

PIUMA transmits piloting sensations that are appreciated from the first moments of flight.
Its excellent behaviour at low speeds guarantees an easier and safer launch, easier entry into a thermal, and stability both in turns and in straight flight.

PIUMA attains a greater maximum efficiency when compared to its predecessor, above all when fitted with the new wingtips (optional).

PIUMA is also distinctive for its lower weight (up to 1 kg lighter than the RX2) and speed of assembly.

PIUMA is ideal for all pilots who are looking for a hang glider that is easy to use, with zero complications.
It is also the ideal hang glider for learning at the practise slope.


L, M, S, XL

ManufacturerIcaro 2000Icaro 2000Icaro 2000Icaro 2000
Glider NamePiumaPiumaPiumaPiuma
USHPA Rating----
Nose Angle120120120120
Flat Area (m2)13.7615.9817.3320.37
Flat Span (m)9.089.809.9610.73
Aspect Ratio6.206.205.905.60
Glider Weight (kg)19.0022.0023.5033.00
Number of Battens12121214
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)557085110
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)7590120180
Velocity Min (kph)----
Velocity Max (kph)60607070
Length in Bag (m)

Icaro 2000 Piuma

Product Attributes

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