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The SPHINX is a single-seater, floating transverse delta wing. It is intended for pilots wishing to refine their knowledge of the aerological environment in safety and ease and for leisure beach flights, dynamic or winter and early season flights. Perfectly suited for the end of training and up to the first sticks, the wing is manoeuvrable without pushing on over piloting, a simple lateral movement of the pilot in the trapeze and the wing automatically regains its balance in pitch and yaw. The ease is also the result of the very progressive twist of the SPHINX wing which automatically brings it back to the correct angle of attack: the more you pull or the more you push on the control bar, the more it tends to return to the normal flight position. This twist also allows greater parachuting.


If the standard wing is entirely made of dacron, it is possible to optionally use more rigid materials to improve its performance (Technora and PX10).

Minimum Weight (kg)90
Maximum Weight (kg)110
Glider Weight (kg)0.00
Number of Battens18
Flat Area (m^2)0.00
Flat Span (m)0.00
Aspect Ratio0.00
Nose Angle
Velocity Min (kph)
Velocity Max (kph)
Length in Bag

La Mouette Sphinx15


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