The one wing you’ve been hoping and waiting for, for years is now here!

Light, fast and perfectly balanced, the RX is the latest evolution of the Litespeed line, complementing the range of Moyes’ high performance gliders.

Our designer, and championship pilot, Gerolf Heinrichs has focussed his considerable expertise on the refinement and fine-tuning of our light weight gliders to produce these latest additions to the celebrated Moyes Litespeed range.



With the RX, you can now enter a whole new dimension of high performance flying – and here’s why:

The RX series shows around a 9% flatter sail cut, (especially near the root section) resulting in a much improved high speed glide – and a higher top end speed.

These new models have also undergone a gentle reshaping of the trailing edge plan form, which achieves a more balanced feel in thermals with less high-siding, for effortless thermaling.

As an additional safety feature, the RX models sport a new, improved cloth rib section across the wing span, providing a better controlled under-surface for improved pitch stability.

This latest evolution of the Moyes Litespeed line with its higher aspect ratio features additional refinements to the sail design to maximise handling characteristics when launching, landing, thermaling and improving speed.

The RX is available in four DHV certified sizes – RX3 for pilot weights between 50 to 65kg, RX3.5 for pilots 65 to 80kg, RX4 for pilots 80-95kg and the RX5 for pilots 95-110kg.

Take your flying to a new dimension….



The RX3.5, with its slightly larger span, yet smaller surface area, combines all the attributes of its predecessors, the LS3.5 and LS4 – and so much more. What you have to experience is the amazing feeling you get from the RX – a feeling of completeness, like the pitch is perfect, the roll is light, the sail is clean, the speed is fast. The overall feeling is the glider is beautifully well rounded.

RX 3

The RX3 is the first advanced competition glider ever to allow light pilots to finally compete effectively with their heavier counterparts.

We’ve had incredible feedback from the Moyes test pilots on this diminutive new arrival and we’re feeling more than a little proud to be able to bring you our very first high-performance race glider for light pilots.

Now, we’re looking forward to seeing the light guys grab some of those competition wins!


3, 3.5, 4, 5

Glider NameLitespeed RXLitespeed RXLitespeed RXLitespeed RX
USHPA Rating----
Nose Angle130-125130-125130-125130-125
Flat Area (m2)12.8013.5013.9014.80
Flat Span (m)9.7710.0710.2710.40
Aspect Ratio7.407.507.607.30
Glider Weight (kg)31.0032.0033.0034.50
Number of Battens21232323
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)59687585
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)89108115119
Velocity Min (kph)----
Velocity Max (kph)100100100100
Length in Bag (m)

Moyes Litespeed RX

Product Attributes

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