The Freedom X is a 39% double surface (exposed crossbar) no-top-rigging hang glider.
It features Carbon tube Leading Edges, Carbon low-drag airfoil Struts, low-drag Control Frame, Streamline Cross Bar and two Washout Supports per side for pitch stability.

3 sizes are now available!  We believe it to be the finest exposed X-bar, strutted recreational flex wing in the market today.  The FREEDOM X is an intermediate to advanced hang glider.

The Freedom X achieves exceptional low speed performance and superb handling for many reasons. It’s sail body and cut are composed of a carefully selected and applied, industry-proven design of the latest materials that are matched to the leading edge curve.
The sail features a leading edge pocket reinforced with a mylar insert sheet.  Drag is reduced and performance is increased with a highly refined sail, streamlined tubing, clean hardware and low twist.  These features combine to ensure good usable flight performance and stability.

We believe the Freedom X to be one of the finest recreational flex-wing gliders available on the market today.  It achieves exceptional performance and very good handling for many reasons.  Our gliders have a sail cut that is carefully matched to the leading edge bend and precisely designed airfoil, floating crossbar and mylar-reinforced leading edge pockets.
These features combine to ensure a good usable glide angle, an excellent sink rate, and a broad speed range making the Freedom X both an excellent intermediate soaring wing and a reliable cross country glider.

The new strutted Freedom X gives you the most positive and solid feel on launch… the feel of absolute control of your wing.
That translates to the air as well, giving you positive feed-back without delay from slack wires.  You will be amazed at the ease of handling the Freedom X will give you.  This will give you hours of enjoyable flying without fatigue when you come in for a landing.  Landings!!  Yes!!  Finally a glider you can look forward to landing.  So easy to land with a large flare window, and the Freedom X wants to keep the nose up.  From launch to landing and 100 miles in between… or just flying with your friends locally, the Freedom X is a glider you can be proud to own.  Click here to find a North Wing Dealer in your area.


13M, 14.5M, 16M

ManufacturerNorth WingNorth WingNorth Wing
Glider NameFreedom XFreedom XFreedom X
USHPA Rating3-53-53-5
Nose Angle---
Flat Area (m2)144.00161.00177.00
Flat Span (m)30.7032.6634.50
Aspect Ratio6.556.606.70
Glider Weight (kg)64.0068.0071.00
Number of Battens171919
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)130160200
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)210240290
Velocity Min (kph)---
Velocity Max (kph)---
Length in Bag (m)---

North Wing Freedom X

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