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The FREEDOM is a curved tip, high aspect ratio Hang Glider, performance driven with 40% double surface.  Designed for all pilots in mind, but especially the seasoned advanced pilot that wants a second wing on the vehicle that sets up quick, very easy to fly, comfortable in active air, feels like you can land almost anywhere – and performs substantially better than modern training hill gliders.  A simple, lightweight glider that really performs!  The FREEDOM is a is a modern performance design “single surface” glider.  Full length mylar-reinforced leading edge, nose cone, and a king post hang system provides light bar pressure for X-C flying.  4 sizes are now available!

The sail design of the FREEDOM comes from many years of improving sail cut and shaping techniques, utilized by our sail designs to control twist to get impressive performance without locking up the sail and subsequent handling problems.  Our standard sail is made with high quality 4.1 oz medium finish Dacron sailcloth.  We also have a full race sail option, using Mylar (PX10T) in the main body.

We use only the best aircraft tubing available.
The FREEDOM uses 7075-T6 tubing for the mainframe and ribs, making our gliders very strong and lightweight.  7075 tubing is imported from Europe, and our 6061-T6 is a seamless drawn domestic tube manufactured to industrial standards or to North Wing’s custom specifications that exceed these standards.


150, 170, 190

Minimum Weight (kg)130160200
Maximum Weight (kg)210240290
Glider Weight (kg)56.0061.0065.00
Number of Battens151717
Flat Area (m^2)148.00171.00188.00
Flat Span (m)30.1232.6034.80
Aspect Ratio6.006.206.40
Nose Angle
Velocity Min (kph)
Velocity Max (kph)
Length in Bag

North Wing Freedom


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