The North Wing Horizon ET is designed to bring the new pilot far into the sport by offering outstanding performance in tight sail setting with pull of the VG line, and docile handling in loose settings to go right from the training hill to fun soaring.  If you are learning to fly by aero or truck towing, you will be glad to know the Horizon ET is very stable under tow, even without a stabilizer tail!  The 10-minute set up time is also nice!  Read some notes from Horizon pilots…

With the Horizon ET, we have brought the easy-to-fly concept back in this double surface novice wing.  We believe that by using today’s sail design knowledge and the use of elliptical fiberglass tips, we have succeeded in a design that soars and thermals even easier, and with the pull of the VG you can have exciting top-end performance.  The Horizon ET will talk to you and give precise feedback throughout the flight envelope, and will help you advance your flying experience and skills on a timely basis.
Are you concerned about buying a new wing, only to out-grow it in six months?  The North Wing Horizon ET represents a benchmark in the next generation of entry-level Hang Gliders.


160, 180, 138

ManufacturerNorth WingNorth WingNorth Wing
Glider NameHorizonHorizonHorizon
USHPA Rating2-52-52-5
Nose Angle---
Flat Area (m2)138.00164.00185.00
Flat Span (m)28.7531.0033.50
Aspect Ratio5.905.805.90
Glider Weight (kg)52.0057.0060.00
Number of Battens111315
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)110130160
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)185240280
Velocity Min (kph)---
Velocity Max (kph)---
Length in Bag (m)---

North Wing Horizon

Product Attributes

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