North Wing introduces a new addition to our range of fun and easy-to-fly Hang Gliders, the North Wing Liberty.
The new Liberty has stable and predictable handling with light control pressures, and VG for utmost performance.  Rated for pilots Hang 3 and above.  Custom sail available.  148 and 158 sq ft sizes.

The optimal combination of double-surface sail area and refined sail planform design provides handling and performance benefits through the range of VG settings.  The elliptical tip planform includes three shear ribs and integrated speed vents to ensure consistent under-surface sail shape at higher speeds.  If you liked the North Wing Freedom hang glider, you will love the new North Wing Liberty!  Contact Us or contact a dealer from our worldwide North Wing Dealers network.


148, 158

ManufacturerNorth WingNorth Wing
Glider NameLibertyLiberty
USHPA Rating33
Nose Angle126126
Flat Area (m2)148.00158.00
Flat Span (m)32.3333.66
Aspect Ratio7.007.10
Glider Weight (kg)68.0070.00
Number of Battens2020
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)160185
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)245275
Velocity Min (kph)--
Velocity Max (kph)--
Length in Bag (m)--

North Wing Liberty

Product Attributes

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