The PULSE is known throughout the world to be the best Hang 2 glider ever produced.  The PULSE has brought thousands of new pilots into the world of Hang Gliding, giving them the confidence to fly safely.
Now, the PULSE is back in production, with the impeccable quality that you expect from North Wing, Inc.

Manufactured to the same certified standards as originally made, the PULSE is HGMA Certified.


10M, 11M, 9M

ManufacturerNorth WingNorth WingNorth Wing
Glider NamePulsePulsePulse
USHPA Rating2-52-52-5
Nose Angle126126126
Flat Area (m2)146.00162.00189.00
Flat Span (m)29.0031.0033.50
Aspect Ratio5.805.906.00
Glider Weight (kg)51.0054.0058.00
Number of Battens141416
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)90120160
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)190215260
Velocity Min (kph)---
Velocity Max (kph)---
Length in Bag (m)---

North Wing Pulse

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