The Falcon 4 Tandem is the third generation of the worlds most popular tandem glider. It adds to the features of the Falcon 3 Tandem with stiffer and lighter 7075-T6 leading edge spars, a higher batten density sail, standard speed battens, a refined sail cut with a new color-layout and an option for an all-laminate sail. These new features provide for a 50 lb increase in the maximum hook-in weight and contribute to both lower stall speed and higher glide performance that is especially noticeable with tandem payloads. The Falcon 4 Tandem is equally suited to both aerotow and foot-launch operations and has been evaluated and endorsed by top professionals from Lookout Mountain Flight Park to Rio de Janeiro.

The Falcon 4 Tandem retains other distinctive features of the Falcon 3 Tandem, including an especially robust and wide control bar that comfortably accommodates the instructor and student and a heavy duty trailing edge panel with our strongest and most durable woven fabric 240MT. The airframe and sail design combine to produce a glider with exceptional load carrying capacity, that slows down extremely well and retains excellent handling qualities across a hook in weight range from 185 lbs to 550 lbs. Foot landings are easy, with relatively light flare pressures, even in light winds.

Professional tandem instructors who have tried the Falcon 4 Tandem agree that it retains the great handling qualities and the best-in-class landing characteristics of the Falcon 3 Tandem with improved performance. The control feel and response remains consistent across the very broad weight range, providing students with the opportunity to gain real flight experience and build skills that will transfer over to their solo flights.



ManufacturerWills Wing
Glider NameFalcon 4 Tandem
USHPA Rating2
Nose Angle-
Flat Area (m2)22.80
Flat Span (m)35.80
Aspect Ratio5.60
Glider Weight (kg)71.00
Number of Battens-
Min Hook-in Weight (kg)185
Max Hook-in Weight (kg)550
Velocity Min (kph)-
Velocity Max (kph)80
Length in Bag (m)253

Wills Wing Falcon 4 Tandem

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