The well-reputed Myth sport harness is now available in a more simple design. While aerodynamic contours of the harness and pilot comfort are left unchanged, the harness has become lighter and easier to use. Load-bearing frame is made of tubes.

Rescue parachute container is semiflushed into the harness volume to the side over the pilot’s back. However, rescue parachute handle is easily accessible for both hands, and the parachute can be deployed with any hand. Rescue chute container is designed to fit compact chutes only, for example, Aeros’ “Down”, “OK” or “SX”.

External pocket block in standard design is spacious enough for a photo camera, a radio, a spare GPS, a drag chute and a knife. Gaps between the pilot’s shoulders and the harness itself are covered with elastic neoprene.

There is enough room in the harness tail to put all hang glider bags. Internal harness pockets can also be used to pack hang glider bags and a harness bag conveniently.

Fasteners of the main belts are placed within the harness shell, so that the fasteners are locked before the harness is zipped up.

Strings used for zipping and unzipping the harness are placed between two layers of cloth and do not hang loose, which helps to reduce air drag. Optionally, the main zipper can be fastened to a wide velcro, so that the pilot can open the harness in case of zipper failure (string breakage, puller getting stuck etc.). Otherwise, the main zipper is directly sewed to the harness shell.

Two leg strap types are available:
a) separate straps for each leg with individual fasteners plus a waist strap;
b) common strap with a single T-lock holding the legs and the waist.

Pitch adjustment may be performed manually by fixing a cord in a clam cleat. Thanks to this solutuion, Myth harness design has been simplified and its weight has become lighter.



Harness NameMyth Easy
Weight (kg)-
Min Height(cm)150
Max Height (cm)200
Harness Typepod

Aeros Myth Easy

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