Viper C is our new competition harness. Viper C design is based on the design of its predecessor – Viper S. There are several points which make Viper C rather an outstanding harness. The main feature that differ it from the conventional Viper is comfort. Due to the new design of the harness the Viper C is much more comfortable in flight. Now, with the new Viper C, a long cross country flight is no problem. You will no longer be forced to take discomfort-based decisions as to your flight duration.
Viper C has a different outer shape which, together with the innovative back plate, makes the harness aerodynamically cleaner. The new design back plate has honeycomb filler inside. The back plate is rather wide and long. For bigger sizes of the Viper C (for taller pilots) the back plate may consist of two parts, with the rear part easily detachable for transportation, if needed. It has the same kick-ass mechanism, but it is more comfortable. In flight there is no pressure on your feet anymore due to the different slider design. And what is more, the harness is lighter.
Here is what pilots say about flying in Viper C:

Markus Eggimann:

…The harness is working very easy. The whole thing is different to my old harness. The hang point system is more efficient. To go up and down is very nice and easy, also for landing. Very comfortable, no pressure on feet. …With this new harness Aeros will have one of the best harnesses on the market, no question!

Hans Kiefinger:

The harness is very clean. It is also incredibly comfortable. Nowhere pressure. Also is it good for running at launch. There is no restriction. Thank you, Aeros, for my new, comfortable Viper C!



Harness NameViper C
Weight (kg)-
Min Height(cm)150
Max Height (cm)200
Harness Typepod

Aeros Viper C

Product Attributes

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