TENAX 4 is the result of 2 years of planning and testing carried out in collaboration with Alex Ploner and Christian Ciech, Italian team pilots and multiple world champions. The harness has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding pilots in terms of performance, and is ideal for competitions.

Its low drag and its characteristic geometry enhance flight performance. A very high level of comfort that you will appreciate especially on long flights has been achieved with the new ergonomic, enlarged shape back board.
  • Steel Austrialpin Delta Tropos karabiner with breaking load 3200 kg custom made.
  • Aerodynamic plastic footrests that can be used as a container.
  • Optional second parachute container (placed on the other side of the standard rescue container).
  • Large internal pocket for storing the rucksack and the hang glider bag with separate compartment for camel-bak.
  • Radio and camera pocket on the chest.
  • 2 large side storage pockets accessible from the inside.
  • Left side storage pocket accessible in flight.
  • Front removable zipper with Velcro.
  • Weight including transport rucksack 9,0 kg.
  • DHV test n°GS-03-111-00.
  • Built-in container for braking parachute (braking parachute optional).
  • Aerotow and ground tow loops.
  • Replaceable foot rest protection.

    The location and deployment of the rescue parachute has always been key for all our harnesses.
    This means our pilots must be able to deploy easily and quickly regardless the hand they use in that moment.

    The location of the rescue parachute container varies according to the harness size without compromising the overall aerodynamics of shoulders, arms and pockets. As a matter of fact, the rescue parachute stays partially inside the harness on the pilot’s back just like in our Tenax3. All the straps that form the bearing structure of the harness and wrap around the pilot are interconnected, including the harness bridge connections for emergency parachutes, positioned behind the shoulders to ensure a more vertical pilot position in the event of parachute opening. TENAX 4 is available with four possible in-flight incidence change systems:



ManufacturerWoody Valley
Harness NameTenax 4
Weight (kg)9
Min Height(cm)150
Max Height (cm)200
Harness Typepod

Woody Valley Tenax 4

Product Attributes

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