• The patented DIAMONDcross Delta Light is a cross canopy rescue system with diagonal drift and fanned out base. Its characteristics are fast deployment, minimal sink rates and almost no oscillatory motion. Available in sizes 125, 160 and 220.
  • Ultra-fine woven fabric and high-strength Dyneema lines allow for minimal weight and packing size.
  • The main riser is protected from damage by glider components by means of a Kevlar protective sleeve and is available with or without a built-in CHARLY Rotor swivel.
  • The flat inner container has been optimized on Tom Grabner’s G-Force Trainer. It makes it easy to pull the rescue out of the harness compartment and ensures unobstructed opening.

125, 160, 220

Reserve NameDIAMONDcross Delta LightDIAMONDcross Delta LightDIAMONDcross Delta Light
Reserve Typesquaresquaresquare
Reserve Weight (kg)1.431.832.57
Max Load (kg)125160220
Sink Rate (m/s)4.504.804.60
Flat Area (m2)30.7041.0059.20
Packed Volume (l)---
Length (m)---

Charly DIAMONDcross Delta Light

Product Attributes

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