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Our parachutes are available in two different designs – the P.D.A. (pulled down apex) and L.A.R.A. (low aspect annular ratio). The P.D.A. design was the first improvement in hang glider reserves over the older conical parachutes. The P.D.A. has a line connected to the parachute apex that pulls down the apex, flattens the parachute, and increases inflated diameter. This increases drag and reduces the sink rate, which gives performance with a lighter, less expensive chute and a smaller pack volume.

The L.A.R.A. technology takes the concept one-step further, using specially shaped gores (the triangular segments in the parachute canopy) to better control the inflated shape and further enhances the aerodynamic performance of the parachute. A properly designed annular parachute gives the lightest parachute weight and smallest pack volume for a given rate of descent.

There are no structural differences between the Hang gliding “HG” and Para gliding “PG” canopies. You may convert the PG canopy for hang gliding by adding a bridle extension; however, we strongly recommend a paraswivel, which is integral on the HG configuration. Without a paraswivel, a spinning broken hang glider can close the canopy by twisting the bridle and shroud lines.


20, 22, 24

Reserve Typeroundroundround
Maximum Load (kg)113117159
Reserve Weight (kg)2.272.723.86
Sink Rate0.000.000.00
Flat Area (m^2)22.1028.0031.00
Length (m)
Packed Volume (liters)

Free Flight Enterprises Inc. P.D.A. HG


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