Advance Kites Kondor S is a new generation, low

aspect C Kite.

This innovative kite aims to be an easy to use kite in unhooking riding, both for the sports user and for the professional riders.

We have worked hard on the study of the “momentum” of the kite: the “momentum” is when, after the pop, you are suspended in the air while pressing the bar; it’s during the “momentum” that the kite has to remain neutral without stalling, pulling turning or flying out of the window.

Our Pro Riders were very satisfied by the performance level of the Kondor S during the execution of the K.L.H.P and of the Mega Loops.

Thanks to its reinforcing light Dacron and its Zig Zag stitching, the Kondor S is stronger to hard impacts.

We think that the Advance Kites Kondor S is among the strongest and lightest kites on the market.

Advance Kites Kondor S is a 4-cables kite equipped with a 5th line.

We do think that the 5th line is still the best safety feature money can buy.

As the 5th line is just a safety feature and not a structural line, the end user can decide freely if he/she wants to use it or not.

The 5th line can be comfortable adjusted while riding.


10, 12, 14

ManufacturerAdvance KitesAdvance KitesAdvance Kites
Kite NameKondor SKondor SKondor S
Weight (kg)---
Flat Area (m2)101214
Flat Span (m)---
Flat Aspect Ratio---
Wind Range Min (kt)12108
Wind Range Max (kt)282418
Bar Size---

Advance Kites Kondor S

Product Attributes

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