A balanced and equilibrated all-rounder kite with almost endless applications. Freestylers, freeriders, wave riders, but also those who just learned how to stan up on the board will have fun with the ZigZag. The “Delta-Hybrid” design allows a lot of depower, essential for anyone looking for a kite with unlimited application. The extra reinforcements will forgive multiple crashes.


Sensitive and sporty, combined with maximum safety. The perfect balance results in the very equilibrated flight characteristics. The ZigZag does support you without getting you tired -it’s easy to fly, easy to relaunch and yet sporty. With a medium bar setting and the steering power, you can feel the kite at its position everytime even without looking at it.


10, 12, 14, 6, 8, 9, 5, 7

Technical Data

Kite NameZig ZagZig ZagZig ZagZig ZagZig ZagZig ZagZig ZagZig Zag
Weight (kg)3.0903.5704.0501.8702.1102.3502.6102.850
Flat Area (m2)10121456789
Flat Span (m)--------
Flat Aspect Ratio--------
Wind Range Min (kt)131082422191715
Wind Range Max (kt)2825224038353329
Bar Size--------

Bull Zig Zag

Product Attributes

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