20 years ago, the Contra took light wind riding to a new level. It has graced the quivers of many kiters throughout the past two decades acting either as their all-round everyday kite, or as the ultimate session saver.
This year sees the largest evolution to the Contra legacy.
Through the use of HTD Lite and the Lite Frame technology we have been able to reduce the weight of the kite by 15%, allowing it to perform even better in those threshold winds.
The three-strut design makes this kite the go to for light wind twin tip riding, and also makes it the best jumping light wind kite we have ever developed.

13, 15, 17

Kite NameContraContraContra
Weight (kg)3.493.864.24
Flat Area (m2)131517
Flat Span (m)---
Flat Aspect Ratio---
Wind Range Min (kt)875
Wind Range Max (kt)181513
Bar Size---

Cabrinha Contra

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