One kite that has become synonymous with Cabrinha is the Drifter. A kite that does what its name says. A kite that allows kiters to experience the power of the ocean, a kite that lets you focus on the job at hand instead about worrying about where it is, or what is doing. With multiple world titles behind it and more barrel time than any other kite in the market, the new Drifter has taken the next evolutionary leap in delivering an expanded ocean experience.
The all-new Lite Frame and HTD Lite material, gives the most reactive Drifter kite to date, allowing you to put the kite where you want it in the air, no matter what style of riding you are doing.
Whether you are taking to the skies for Strapless Big Air, charging down the line on a screaming point break or ripping wind swell, the Drifter will always deliver.

10, 11, 12, 13, 6, 8, 9, 4, 5, 7

Kite NameDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifterDrifter
Weight (kg)2.953.133.43.651.661.872.082.32.552.74
Flat Area (m2)10111213456789
Flat Span (m)----------
Flat Aspect Ratio----------
Wind Range Min (kt)13121110232119171614
Wind Range Max (kt)28272522383635343230
Bar Size----------

Cabrinha Drifter

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