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The Nexus 3 – No-compromise all-round performance


From now on there is no need to worry about whether power, turning speed, lift or drift are more important. The ultra versatile handling of the CORE Nexus 3 makes compromise a concept of the past. 

A brand new material mix of ExoTex 2 in the leading edge, ExoTex Light in the struts and CoreTex 2 in the canopy not only make the Nexus 3 stronger and more robust, but also lighter and more agile.

Whether you’re looking to improve your transitions, learn your first kite loops, get goosebumps from a big mega loop, lay down powdered passes, shred waves without caution, explore great distances along the coast on a foil or just ride for hours on your twintip; the new Nexus 3 presents a perfectly simple choice.

Don’t let your sessions be limited by the kite you fly.


15, 17

ManufacturerCore KiteboardingCore Kiteboarding
Kite NameNexus 3 LWNexus 3 LW
Weight (kg)--
Flat Area (m2)1517
Flat Span (m)--
Flat Aspect Ratio--
Wind Range Min (kt)87
Wind Range Max (kt)2019
Bar Size--

Core Kiteboarding Nexus 3 LW

Product Attributes

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