Because not every day is a howler, the Gravity is your weapon of choice for battling light winds on water or snow. Our 4-strut system, open delta shape, and streamlined profile team up to deliver a surprising amount of power per square meter, while remaining stable in the air and simple to relaunch. We left out the middle strut, which allows the kite to fly in a wider range of wind, while also empowering the kite to fly faster, and making it easier to ride upwind – even when there’s no wind. The bar we paired with the Gravity is exceptionally responsive and fast turning. With this kite in your quiver you can get stoked about more days shredding and fewer days praying to Wind Guru for just a few more knots!

Main features:

  • Lightwind Freestyle/Freeride machine
  • Open arc technology – awesome power per m2
  • Delta hybrid design – easy relaunch
  • No middle strut – fast and forward flying
  • Responsive, direct steering and fast turning
  • Big wind range and stability
  • Teijin Technoforce D2 Conopy Material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the Leading Edge and Struts

14, 16, 18

Kite NameGravityGravityGravity
Weight (kg)---
Flat Area (m2)141618
Flat Span (m)---
Flat Aspect Ratio---
Wind Range Min (kt)986
Wind Range Max (kt)201917
Bar Size505555

DaSilva Gravity

Product Attributes

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