The Dragonfly Swoop is an all-round kite that is light, fast, and perfect for all ride styles. This kite features a single strut design that provides excellent stability, without the added weight of multiple struts. Single strut kites are the fastest-growing segment of the kite market for good reason. Single strut kites have a wide wind range and fly better in light wind than heavier kites.

The Swoop range extends down to the smallest kite sizes preferred by foilers as well as lighter persons. The middle sizes are popular for wave kiting, twin-tips, and directional board riders. The larger sizes all have excellent performance, especially in the lightest wind conditions. Lightweight single strut design makes relaunch better and low wind flying easier.

Dragonfly Kites are precision-made high-quality kites using the industry’s best materials. DF kites compare to any brand name kites in terms of quality and construction. With proven shapes and designs, Dragonfly is often the first to market with new innovations and the latest trends.  More product info on the dragonflykiteboarding website.


11, 13, 16, 6, 8, 2.6, 3, 4

Kite NameSwoopSwoopSwoopSwoopSwoopSwoopSwoopSwoop
Weight (kg)--------
Flat Area (m2)11131612.64668
Flat Span (m)--------
Flat Aspect Ratio--------
Wind Range Min (kt)10972017191512
Wind Range Max (kt)2218154030352725
Bar Size--------

Dragonfly Swoop

Product Attributes

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