The legendary big air machine is back with this impressive 6th generation update. Known for huge air and loads of hang time, the Screamer 6G will once again be setting the bar for big air kites. We don’t call it the Screamer for nothing! There are few feelings that come close to nailing those big lofty jumps or mega kite loops and the Screamer makes it so easy.

Not only is the Screamer known for big air and huge hang time, it’s also a kite that will have you roaring upwind and push your journey to becoming a better rider further. The Screamer is easy to relaunch and has precise positional feedback, while keeping bar pressure light and comfortable.

The Screamer 6G is not a kite for beginners as it requires advanced bar input to perform at its highest level. However, kite stability and precision allow for progressing riders to step up their game.

To unleash the full potential of this kite and have it truly operate at 100%, aggressive input and flying skills will be rewarded. Flying the kite sharply makes the Screamer 6G really come alive and reveal it’s true performance characteristics compared to the Renegade which is more ‘set it and forget it’. With the incredible turning speed, quick bar input will allow for massive jumps giving you loads of time to nail board offs, rotations and huge kite loops. The Screamer 6G will have you reaching new heights and perform tricks that you never thought possible and is available in 7, 9, 12 and 14-meter sizes to suit every need and wind condition.

For those that are looking for an even more powerful kite the SCREAMER 10 LTD has been infused with some extra spice and is legendary kiter Dimitri Maramenides’ signature model. It delivers a slightly more grunty feel and packs a big punch when flown aggressively. When operating this kite towards the top end of the range (24-32 mph), be mindful of distance when jumping. The boost is explosive resulting in significant height. You’ll need adequate space so you don’t land on the beach accidentally! The hang time is that incredible! Click on the SCREAMER 10 LTD (6G) product to learn more about this kite.

All Screamer 6G sizes (7, 9, 12, 14) have identical flight and performance characteristics so that your quiver will feel familiar and comfortable throughout. The Screamer 6G 10-meter LTD however has been designed with more advanced and powerful attributes.


12, 14, 9, 7

ManufacturerEpic KiteboardingEpic KiteboardingEpic KiteboardingEpic Kiteboarding
Kite NameScreamer 6GScreamer 6GScreamer 6GScreamer 6G
Weight (kg)----
Flat Area (m2)121479
Flat Span (m)----
Flat Aspect Ratio----
Wind Range Min (kt)12101816
Wind Range Max (kt)27224538
Bar Size----

Epic Kiteboarding Screamer 6G

Product Attributes

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