Foil enthusiasts rejoice! The Feather 6.5 meter kite is a premium high performance kite that boasts amazing drift, super fast, great low end power, direct feel of the kite and massive hang time. It’s perfectly suited for the demands of foil riding yet free style and snow kite riders will also appreciate the upwind drive, intuitive feel, and stability. Want to elevate your riding and have a lot of fun in the process? Grab yourself a Feather today.

“This kite is unreal, I can control it with one hand and it’s always where I wanted to be” as one of the kiters said after demoing the FEATHER.

If you are a FOILER and you are looking for a kite that will perform exceptionally well with your foiling addiction, then the Feather is the kite you want to get your hands on.
“Dimitri no need to say anything, all you have to do is put this kite in kiters hand and it will talk for itself ” this has been said by few riders that had the chance to test the Feather kite.

The Feather is a premium one-strut kite primarily designed for today’s foil enthusiasts, but is equally suited to the demands of free riders, kite surfers and snow kiting. Developed from the highest quality materials and construction processes available, the Feather is the lightest kite in our line-up. Swept back wing tips, lighter weight and single strut give the Feather an  absolutely massive wind range, loads of low end power, crazy hang time and ridiculously easy relaunch. With only one strut, the Feather packs down tightly making it an ideal travel companion.

The Feather sits in the sweet spot of the wind window, allowing for easy upwind performance and great downward drift. A unique profile provides substantial low end power. Most riders will find they can ride a kite size or two smaller than they normally would. When you tap into the depower, the kite drifts back in the window making it an incredibly stable and forgiving kite. This drift is ideal for nailing gybe’s or shooting that barrel.

We’ve made significant effort to reduce drag which results in a super efficient, fast flying kite. The Feather turns on its axis making for lightning fast turns without an increase in power. This ability lets riders easily set up for their next move.

Triple Rip Stop canopy material has been used throughout, making your kite retain its shape and rigidity for a long time. Double taping the trailing edge prevents flutter, improving flight performance. The bridal is constructed from stronger, thinner flying line to further reduce line drag. It’s a very user friendly kite that features tight turning performance. New riders will love the stability while experienced riders will take advantage of the boosting and big hang time. Plus the way the Feather  turns on its axis makes every rider talk about it after they come out of the water. Also relaunching it is unbelievably easy and worry free with the Feather.

There’s no need to be concerned with variable wind conditions. This efficient and predictable kite is outstanding is gusty winds. Need power? Pull the bar in and take advantage of the kite’s true ability. Loads of low end power, delivered in a smooth and expected output. At the bar, you’ll notice the kite has a crisp and responsive feel. The light to medium bar pressure is comfortable, and not fatiguing in any way. The Dimitri Pro bar compliments the Feather really well, especially if you plan to ride on 20 or 22-meter lines.

Foil riders can relax knowing that you’ll get on plane in light wind conditions similar to popular closed cell kites. With the Feather, you can enjoy responsive performance with the ease of water based relaunch. All in a much smaller size compared to cell kites. Foil wing size plays an a key role in conditions management. Larger wings will get you planing earlier than smaller ones. Please refer to the spec chart below for sizing details.

All the details you love about Epic kites are included with the Feather. The Speed Value Inflation System will get you pumped and on the water quickly. Scuff protectors have been placed in key areas to prevent abrasion, and we’ve beefed up the bladder connection points.

We’re very excited to bring the Feather to our line-up and to riders around the world. We truly believe it’s the best solution to bring your foil experience to new heights. Don’t just take our word for it though. Be sure to check out the videos to see why the Feather is getting so much love from different riders world wide.


11.5, 9.5, 6.5

ManufacturerEpic KiteboardingEpic KiteboardingEpic Kiteboarding
Kite NameThe FeatherThe FeatherThe Feather
Weight (kg)---
Flat Area (m2)
Flat Span (m)---
Flat Aspect Ratio---
Wind Range Min (kt)101814
Wind Range Max (kt)163520
Bar Size---

Epic Kiteboarding The Feather

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