Break boundaries with the ultimate all-rounder! The legendary flight characteristics paired with the highest level of user-friendliness offer maximum performance for every style. Sporty or comfortable, a kite that takes your riding to the next level. The SOUL offers confidence-inspiring stability, intuitive handling, maximum durability, and lasting value for many years. Always choose the right kite and make your free time pure enjoyment!
Get your hands on the legendary all-rounder foil kite with impressive handling and exceptional performance! Regardless of ability and use, its versatility always makes the SOUL the right choice. Its sporty feeling is perfect for ambitious kiters who push their limits. The easy start and restart behavior are essential for those who want to switch from L.E.I. to foil kites. It confidently fulfills the requirements of a light wind weapon and a big air machine. The real strength of the SOUL is its breathtaking and addicting jumping performance. The small pack size is extremely convenient for traveling and makes everyday use more comfortable. The meticulously handcrafted TX-Light construction gives the SOUL its aerodynamic efficiency, superb stability, and its striking, sporty design. The high-quality materials are supported by essential maintenance features for long-term use and increase value retention. Do not set any limits, go out and spend more time in nature to turn each of your sessions into a SOUL session!

10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 6, 8

Kite NameSoulSoulSoulSoulSoulSoulSoul
Weight (kg)2.042.322.723.083.481.421.75
Flat Area (m2)101215182168
Flat Span (m)7.458.29.2110.2211.045.486.33
Flat Aspect Ratio5.55.555.65.8655
Wind Range Min (kt)15129882118
Wind Range Max (kt)21181614132824
Bar Size-------

Flysurfer Soul

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