The HAZE is the new freeride kite from SPLEENE. High-end materials paired with a Performance-Delta-Shape in Gemini-4-Strut design – for maximum performance with easiest control.


  • Easy handling & jumping
  • Maximum turning speed
  • Huge windrange
  • Direct feeling
  • Mega hangtime
  • Bridle modes

Highlights of the SPLEENE HAZE

What´s new?

The HAZE replaces its predecessor QX. The high performance delta kite has been completely overhauled.

The redesigned bridle gives the kite more speed and feedback. The progressive bar feeling allows an extremely precise and intuitive control, in every situation. The 3 bridle modes allow every kiter to tune the HAZE according to his wishes.

Premium ripstop material from Japan is used for the flying cloth. Minimal material stretch and stable for years in its excellent properties. For the front tube and struts, the important skeleton of the HAZE, we rely on high-end Dacron, made in Germany, by Dimension Polyant. Maximum stability with minimum weight gives the HAZE its consistent profile in any situation. The result is a kite with an ultra-direct feeling.

In terms of manufacturing, the HAZE sets new standards. Seams, valves, connections – numerous details were analysed in all details and further optimized. The effort was worth it: the HAZE exhibits the very highest level of quality.


12, 9, 7

Weight (kg)---
Flat Area (m2)1279
Flat Span (m)---
Flat Aspect Ratio---
Wind Range Min (kt)92015
Wind Range Max (kt)273734
Bar Size---

Spleene HAZE

Product Attributes

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