Loco – #wackyracer

Marvin was waiting for his buddy at the landing site. He looked at the sky and admired the diverse fauna that buzzed around above him: large tandem gliders, stretched high-performance gliders, leisurely training gliders,…

When he landed, the look on his face said it all. “Craziness! That was… loco!”
Alex grinned as he stuffed the tiny umbrella into his backpack.
When he landed, the look on his face said it all. “Craziness! That was… loco !”
Alex grinned as he tucked the tiny umbrella into his backpack.

– “How about the acceleration? Did you step on the gas?”
“Sure, of course! In the first stage I thought to myself: okay, casual. In the second stage I felt the speed more clearly and it was almost exciting. But on the final stage, man that was amazing! I’ve never felt so fast, not even with my high performance skis! This is totally insane!! Craziness! What is this umbrella?!”

On the way home, Marvin thought about the Loco. Two liners, 16m2, EN-C. What else? There was so much. He saw all the possibilities: soaring by the sea, reserve speed in the mountains and so many different ways to have fun! The Loco is such a multi-talent that it is impossible to pigeonhole it.
Back at home, Marvin made himself comfortable on the sofa and turned on the television. An old cartoon was playing – “Wacky Races”. Red Max and Mean Machine were in a race. What is the loco? Whatever, he’s definitely a wacky racer!

Loco – Catch me if you can!


How can the Loco be described…

…in one word?

…in one picture?
A pilot with a big grin on his face and mosquitoes between his teeth.

…in a dream?
Fly over the finish line of a world championship in front of the eyes of CCC pilots. Wouldn’t that be crazy?!



ManufacturerAir Design
Glider NameLoco
Min Weight (kg)60
Max Weight (kg)90
Single Surface-
Number of Cells34
Glider Weight (kg)2.59
Projected Area (m2)14.12
Flat Area (m2)16.34
Projected Span (m)7.21
Flat Span (m)8.91
Projected Aspect Ratio3.69
Flat Aspect Ratio4.86

Air Design Loco

Product Attributes

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