The U fly3 paraglider is now also available as an approved paraglider. He has special motor straps with trimmers. Easiest take-off and flight behavior make the U Fly 3 engine the perfect paraglider. Of course, every “normal” U fly 3 can be retrofitted with motor straps and thus used for motor flying.

The gradual development of the pilot is guaranteed and the outstanding performance of the umbrella makes even the first major cross-country flight an unforgettable experience without giving up the passive safety of a classic B umbrella. The U Fly 3 engine has 47 cells and diagonal bands attached to the most important profiles. They distribute the weight perfectly over the entire cap and thus allow a higher strength of the paraglider, which contributes to the fact that the interior and External sails are much smoother and thus have fewer aerodynamic friction losses. The U Fly 3 engine was developed with the latest software that integrates the latest findings. The profile was selected from the point of view of a real higher sliding number and better stability. The characteristics of this profile offer a wide range of speeds and excellent flight stability. The U Fly 3 engine has many innovative details in all areas. The new profile design adds up to its aerodynamic profile, which improves the internal pressure of the screen and thus achieves more performance over the entire speed range and when climbing thermals. X-rods were processed at the entry edges, which are flexible stiffeners that maintain the shape precision of the profile in all phases of flight and thus increase real speed and gliding ability with enormous flight stability. There are mini cells on the outlet edges that help to reduce the induced resistance caused by the profile and thus increase performance.

In paragliding, we spend about 50% climbing in thermals. So nothing is more obvious than to pursue new concepts, especially in the climbing performance of the U Fly 3 engine, thus creating an obvious advantage over other umbrellas in this class.

U Fly 3 flying means:
•immediately feel an outstanding gliding and climbing performance.
•no stress at the start, the U Fly 3 is very easy to start, does not tend to get stuck or overshoot.
•no stress in flight, extremely high passive safety without having to compromise performance.
•to be able to use a high speed range, the trim speed of the U Fly 3 is high and the speed system is also very effective.
•to have the advantages of innovative, durable materials.
•to immediately feel safe with precise, agile but not nervous screen handling.

Test the U Fly 3 on a test flight, because a flight says more than 1000 words.



Glider NameU Fly 3 - EngineU Fly 3 - EngineU Fly 3 - EngineU Fly 3 - EngineU Fly 3 - EngineU Fly 3 - Engine
Min Weight (kg)7595100110130145
Max Weight (kg)100115130145160175
Single Surface------
Number of Cells474747474747
Glider Weight (kg)4.204.504.905.205.605.90
Projected Area (m2)19.6521.1622.7224.2426.2628.50
Flat Area (m2)22.6224.3526.1527.9030.2232.80
Projected Span (m)8.849.179.509.8110.2110.64
Flat Span (m)10.8811.2911.7012.0912.5813.10
Projected Aspect Ratio3.973.973.973.973.973.97
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

AirCross U Fly 3 – Engine

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