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Freestyle & acro for all levels

The legend is back! Colorful and cheeky! The Emilie PEACE2!

Our new flagship has the same characteristics that made the Emilie PEACE become the gold standard in ACRO. The PEACE2 comes in a perfectionist’s finish like the good old PEACE did and is supported with extra reinforcements. This makes her even more robust and ensures fun over years!

The behaviour is very well balanced and in its big sizes the emilie is very well suited even for acro beginners. At the same time the small sizes are very popular among the worlds best competition pilots. She helped to win the Worldcup already several times because she offers the perfect compromise between dynamics and easy deepstall behaviour which results in super fluent connections.

What’s new?

To be honest, we don’t intend to change a running system too much.
So we made some little changes to reinforce your Emilie more. At the same time the canopy tension has been optimized. And we have put some cosmetic adaptions on it.

  • Black mesh on the leadingedge
  • No QR-Code and classic logos
  • More and more solid tensionstraps on A and B

Plus another feature has been added: The C and D-lines come prelooped. They can be opened when the glider becomes slower after a while. This makes her shoot again and you don’t need to loop the highly tensioned A’s and B’s.


16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 25

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)505050505050
Maximum Weight (kg)120120120120120120
Glider Weight (kg)
Number of Cells000000
Projected Area (m^2)14.1014.7015.6017.5018.8021.40
Flat Area (m^2)16.6017.2018.2020.5022.0025.00
Projected Span (m)7.707.908.108.708.909.50
Flat Span (m)9.689.8510.1010.7011.1011.80
Projected Aspect Ratio7.707.908.108.708.909.50
Flat Aspect Ratio5.605.605.605.605.605.60
Root Chord (m)

AirG Emilie Peace 2


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