As it’s name suggests, the KARISMA is a wing with a personality of its own.

It is the type of wing which takes all the advantages of paragliding and emphasizes those advantages to complete the best flying experience for beginner to intermediate pilots.

The KARISMA is the Evolution of the Karma EVO. It possesses all the Karma virtues but has been fully redesigned from the ground up, and presents significant improvement in all aspects to be a worthy addition to APCO’s range.

Constructed with the students in mind, and instructors feedback – it is super easy glider to fly – Simple and straight forward.

A new specially developed APP type profile (Sharknose) was used.
Our APP profile is instrumental in contributing to the safety of the wing by increasing and retaining internal pressure of the canopy across the entire speed range. It is a big step in passive safety, but an even bigger step in providing the pilot with an exciting flight experience. KARISMA is well balanced, combining excellent handling with outstanding performance and pilot friendly behavior.

Three line construction that converges into a clean and simple to understand 3 leg riser makes inflation and ground handling a breeze – no messy risers and lines tangled in reverse launch anymore. For students, an accelerated learning curve is guaranteed. Safely getting them into the air and flying sooner than ever before.

The glider is made from tear resistant Ripstop Nylon cloth, which is P.U. coated to zero porosity and then siliconized to give the fabric high resistance to the elements. Different cloth is used for the top, bottom and ribs due to their different functions.

The lines are made of superaramid covered with a polyester sheath for protection against UV, wear and abrasion. The bottom section of the brake lines is made of Polyester because of its better mechanical properties. The Karabiners/rectangular loops that attach the lines to the risers are made of stainless steel.


L, M, S, XL, XS

Technical Data

Glider NameKarismaKarismaKarismaKarismaKarisma
Min Weight (kg)55708095115
Max Weight (kg)7590100120140
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells3739393942
Glider Weight (kg)4.905.205.505.806.00
Projected Area (m2)19.3221.0022.7024.3626.00
Flat Area (m2)23.0025.0027.0029.0031.00
Projected Span (m)7.968.468.809.129.68
Flat Span (m)10.3210.9711.4011.8112.53
Projected Aspect Ratio3.283.393.393.393.56
Flat Aspect Ratio4.634.804.804.805.05

Apco Karisma

Product Attributes

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