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The LIFT EZ is born.
A perfect wing which is even better and easier to fly than any wing you knew before.

The LIFT EZ is a completely new design that aims to fulfill the expectations of the most discriminating pilots. Different designs were tested during development to assess the best option.
Without regard to paraglider type: conventional, shark nose or reflex, we wanted the best.

And the winner is…….

The LIFT EZ based on our new reflex profile!

This design emerged superior to rest of the designs, including the prototype based on the latest generation “sharknose” profile.

Perhaps you were expecting the recent trend sharknose profile to win, but it was not the case. Our Reflex was the best!

The new wing has turned out to be a great all round paramotor wing – named LIFT EZ . (EZ is for “EASY” – Just because flying it is so damn easy!!) The LIFT EZ continues the legacy of LIFT – similar feel, trim speed and speed range, but there is difference.

  • significantly shorter take-off run
  • much slower take off speed
  • slower and flatter landing approach
  • better glide and lower fuel consumption
  • lighter, more coordinated handling
  • flatter turning, more agile wing

The LIFT EZ features the new, innovative tip steering system – “Wind Scoop System” or WSS ® dramatically improving handling of the wing and its turning ability

We believe we achieved the goal, creating the easiest to fly paramotor glider, without compromise!


L, M, S

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)75100125
Maximum Weight (kg)120145165
Glider Weight (kg)5.505.856.10
Number of Cells424446
Projected Area (m^2)22.3023.5025.10
Flat Area (m^2)25.8027.5029.20
Projected Span (m)9.159.6510.17
Flat Span (m)11.2211.8412.46
Projected Aspect Ratio3.804.004.20
Flat Aspect Ratio4.905.105.32
Root Chord (m)2.762.762.76

Apco Lift EZ motor


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