The Nestra Light is APCO’s all new high end EN-B.

A true cross country machine offering C level performance in the EN-B category with real life B level safety for any pilot looking for the best this category can deliver!

Packed with technology, no effort was spared to give the Nestra Light the advantage that makes it top of its Class:

  • TRUE 2.5 liner – the only wing in the B category to date!
  • Lightweight – starting from 4.35[Kg] including standard risers.
  • 6.0 aspect ratio with impressive passive safety!
  • Only 215m. of lines – less than new generation EN-C 2-liners!
  • Kevlar / Aramid competition lines – stable in their length throughout their lifespan. No periodical trimming needed!
  • APCO’s embedded hook up points for the cleanest, most aerodynamic connection between line and canopy.
  • Risers, including C steering, supported only by ball bearing pulleys for amazing smoothness.
  • Flow aligned ribs
  • Double diagonal ribs
  • APCO’s flexon battens – memory free, do not require any special care or folding technique.
  • APCO V-links – when hardware, ingenuity and jewellery are combined.
  • 3D shapingbutt holes, competition lines, shark nose, low drag brake tensioners and more…

L, M, S, XS

Technical Data

Glider NameNestra LightNestra LightNestra LightNestra Light
Min Weight (kg)50607690
Max Weight (kg)658096110
Single Surface----
Number of Cells60616161
Glider Weight (kg)4.354.454.554.65
Projected Area (m2)19.2419.6421.0922.81
Flat Area (m2)22.0022.3525.0027.12
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)11.5811.8212.2512.74
Projected Aspect Ratio4.304.394.394.39
Flat Aspect Ratio5.866.006.006.00

Apco Nestra Light

Product Attributes

Lightweight / Hike & Fly

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