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The Vista has become a legend in its own time… Now in its 5th generation, it is lighter, cleaner and with all the latest materials & construction technologies incorporated.

Back in 2014, when Vista III was first introduced, it was a groundbreaking wing. An EN B certified true 3 liner (top to bottom), shark nose wing that performs and feels like a well tuned racing car which excels in strong conditions ! It has set a standard for many other competitor models which came after..

The new Vista V is based on the platform of Vista IV and improved on several key points:

Over 700 grams lighter in the M size, but uncompromising materials / durability. This result in better inflation and in-flight characteristics.

Re-Optimised 3D leading edge cut smartly incorporated into the colour design – resulting in a cleaner leading edge, improved top surface layout and tension for better performance.

Risers- Perfect 12 [mm] webbing risers with incredible attention to details. They are super-lightweight at less than 99 gr! Incorporating a unique A5, C5 (Split A, C) line connection method with no Karabiners! Making it cleaner, safer, lighter – smart and elegant. The risers also feature specifically designed ball bearing pulleys allowing for the smoothest speed system operation possible, and now the same brake pulleys are mounted on a custom elasticated tubular webbing.

The Vista V now also sports the Butthole 2, which automatically clears sand and debris from the wingtip trailing edges.

Vista V flight characteristics can be described as a very solid canopy which reassures the pilot with its consistency and pitch damping characteristics.
The wing transmits an incredible reassuring feeling of safety to the pilot, building confidence, for better piloting.

Vista V will be the perfect companion for any pilot from a talented school student to cross country pilot looking for a good performing, safe and easy to manage wing.

The Vista V is also available with motor risers.
The lightweight canopy makes a huge difference for nil wind forward launches. Its pitch stability turns it into a very pleasant paramotor wing as it cuts through the air almost unaffected by small turbulence. Coupled with its performance, it is a highly efficient paramotor wing perfect for electric engines or low power motors.

The paramotor risers are equipped with trimmers. The flight characteristics remains within the certification while the trimmers are in the closed position. The full test procedures have however been completed in house on these risers with the trimmers in the open position.

Without compromising on durability or safety, the Vista V is made from carefully chosen materials, to reduce weight. The top surface L/E remains the same bombproof apco cloths, while areas that do not suffer from use / wear and tear, such as the bottom surface, are now much lighter. This translates into better launch, handling and safety characteristics.


L, M, S, XS

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)557090105
Maximum Weight (kg)8095110130
Glider Weight (kg)4.604.805.105.40
Number of Cells49505254
Projected Area (m^2)21.1021.8823.2124.93
Flat Area (m^2)24.8025.7027.5029.30
Projected Span (m)8.839.169.7310.30
Flat Span (m)11.4311.7612.4113.06
Projected Aspect Ratio3.693.834.084.25
Flat Aspect Ratio5.305.405.605.80
Root Chord (m)2.722.722.722.72

Apco Vista V


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