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ZEFIRA – APCO’s long awaited reentry into challenging high end EN C Class paragliders.
ZEFIRA is of Hebrew origin meaning Morning star, lighting up the skies. And ZEFIRA will indeed be a rising star in the paragliding skies.

APCO as policy, did not launch competition gliders for almost a decade, concentrating instead on so called “normal gliders”.
Having a top class reputation built on such world beating paragliders like Bagheera, Astra, Xtra and Tigra, reentry into competition scene obligated us to bring a glider which must exceed your most optimistic expectations.

Over the past 2 years, we invested a significant effort in developing a new generation of FAI Class 1 Competition wing named ENIGMA and in parallel developing a new high end EN-D Class wing. ENIGMA was introduced just before Paragliding World Championship 2011 in Spain. Unfortunately, the FAI Class 1 wings were banned following the events at the Championship, making ENIGMA obsolete.
But the effort invested into developing ENIGMA was not wasted and experience gained fully implemented into our latest creation – ZEFIRA.
The ZEFIRA, based on ENIGMA revolutionary technology, was conceived as a high end wing, capable of competing with any certified wing.
Our mission with ZEFIRA was to maximize the performance making it competitive with EN-D Class certified wings on the scene at that time.
Having this in mind, we did not neglect the true performance, but kept the stability, handling and safety of ZEFIRA comfortably manageable.


L, M, S

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)7590105
Maximum Weight (kg)105115130
Glider Weight (kg)5.906.306.70
Number of Cells636363
Projected Area (m^2)21.5923.1324.66
Flat Area (m^2)25.3027.1028.90
Projected Span (m)10.3710.7311.09
Flat Span (m)13.1713.6314.08
Projected Aspect Ratio4.984.984.98
Flat Aspect Ratio6.866.866.86
Root Chord (m)2.382.462.48

Apco Zefira


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