A safe and forgiving progression wing, with a flurry of speed and burst of performance to take your flying further.

Flying is a skill that collects and builds like snowdrifts over time. When your paramotoring skill foundations are laid, you’re ready for a Blizzard to boost your progression. The Blizzard is designed to be safe and forgiving, easy to launch and fly but with the extra speed and performance you need to break your boundaries and explore further.

The Blizzard is an easy, safe and comfortable wing for less experienced pilots who are rapidly building their skills. It has a gentle reflex, and precise handling, so you’ll feel great while exploring your limits and progression will come naturally. We worked hard on ensuring the launch behaviour is very easy. The wing inflates smoothly and cleanly and the solid leading edge is forgiving of an over-enthusiastic launch pull. The risers are designed so the baby A’s split off high up and the pilot will naturally hold all A’s to launch. We chose a four-line layout for the Blizzard as this allow the reflex to be activated effectively by changing the trimmer settings. The long trimmers have a 12cm range, and smooth brass roller-cams are kind to the webbing and ensure smooth and easy operation. For even more speed there is also a speed bar with 12cm of travel. Trimmers out, bar on top speed is 57km/h and stability at top speed is excellent. Tip-steering toggles mean the pilot can learn and perfect wingtip-control without using the brakes when cruising at speed. The risers have both low and high hangpoints to suit different motors, and we’ll let you into a little secret: the test team discovered the Blizzard is beautiful to fly without a motor, too.



20, 23, 26, 29

Technical Data

Glider NameBlizzardBlizzardBlizzardBlizzard
Min Weight (kg)607085100
Max Weight (kg)120130160200
Single Surface----
Number of Cells46464646
Glider Weight (kg)4.805.205.706.20
Projected Area (m2)17.2019.7022.3025.00
Flat Area (m2)20.0023.0026.0029.00
Projected Span (m)7.708.209.009.30
Flat Span (m)10.0010.7011.4012.00
Projected Aspect Ratio----
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

BGD Blizzard

Product Attributes


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