With effortless launching and a smooth, relaxed feel, the DUAL 2 performs in harmony with pilot and passenger.

The DUAL 2 is an entirely new design. It took us years of development and many prototypes to perfect, but we believe it is a significant leap forward from the original Dual, which itself was a benchmark EN-B tandem. It’s a pleasure to launch and to fly, with light, intuitive BGD handling and an outstanding sink rate, making it a ‘top of the stack’ performer. Big ears are effective and easy to use, and we’ve added a new big-ears locking system.

We know commercial pilots need tandems that last well so we’ve made the DUAL 2 robust and strong, with durable cloth throughout and all-sheathed Kevlar lines. The trimmers have easy-grab plastic balls and easy to replace webbing.

We recommend the 38m² – medium size to pilots who weigh less than 75kg, naked.


Remember that feeling, the first time your feet leave the ground and you are soaring, feet in the clouds, viewing the world from a different perspective? If you could bottle that feeling and share it around … that’s what the DUAL 2 is for – sharing the joy of flight!

A clean take-off is absolutely critical to a safe and successful tandem flight. The DUAL 2 takes the load quickly and the short run required is a huge step forward for passenger safety. We’ve made the Dual 2 in three sizes: the 42m², 40m² and the 38m² covering all-up weights 100-220kg.


With this project we wanted to make a tandem that is ridiculously easy to launch as not all passengers are willing runners, but didn’t want to sacrifice that light and sensitive handling that was so highly praised in the original DUAL. To achieve this we designed a whole new single plastic shark nose just for this wing. In the air the handling is a delight and thermalling is outstanding. It’s a pleasure to fly, and a dream to launch: two steps and away!


38/S, 40/M, 42/L

Technical Data

Glider NameDual 2Dual 2Dual 2
Min Weight (kg)100110120
Max Weight (kg)200210220
Single Surface---
Number of Cells525252
Glider Weight (kg)7.407.507.90
Projected Area (m2)32.3034.0035.70
Flat Area (m2)37.8039.8041.80
Projected Span (m)11.5011.8012.10
Flat Span (m)14.5014.8015.20
Projected Aspect Ratio4.104.104.10
Flat Aspect Ratio5.505.505.50

BGD Dual 2

Product Attributes


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